Seerene picks up $14 mln Series A

Seerene, a SaaS analytics platform that sets a new standard for the way CIOs manage their most important production factors – code and people – announced it has raised $14 million in Series A funding led by Lakestar Capital Partners, with additional funding provided by existing investor Earlybird Venture Capital. The capital will be used to scale the company globally, invest in product capabilities and bring the SeereneTM SaaS platform to companies around the world.

Proliferation of software is transforming businesses and entire industries. Today, code is inherently linked to business success, yet the sheer volume of people-code interactions has made it near impossible to understand and measure the impact and value of countless projects and digital investments taking place at any one time. This has put CIOs on the back foot, with billions in spend but nothing to justify it in the boardroom.

Grounded in academic research at the Hasso Plattner Institute, Seerene enables businesses to instantly extrapolate from an ocean of code and people interactions the very essence of endless activity – unleashing innovation and speed only known from startups. This is critical not just at times of transformation, but throughout the lifetime of a digital business.

“Seerene was borne out of insight that the transformative impact of software on companies demands the new ability to instantly pull together thousands of data points, technologies, resources and lines of code in one place – and let CIOs know what to do with it all,” said Oliver Muhr, Seerene CEO. “Today, the most critical asset of any company is its code and people, which on the one hand translates into 35% of the IT spend of a CIO and on the other brings the biggest opportunity to enable a business to thrive and win in the marketplace. Scientists and business leaders are tackling enormous challenges, from building self-drivable cars, to putting people on mars. This is all enabled by software but IT executives and CIOs cannot even answer basic questions, e.g. how is my development and outsourcing capacity distributed over my applications, does this make sense from a strategic perspective and how can I can I actively drive change.”

“Within corporations today, there is a management platform for every asset and function, e.g. SAP for HR, Finance and Marketing or Salesforce for CRM – Seerene is the platform for CIOs to manage the most important assets of any company: its code + people”, added Jason Whitmire, an Earlybird board member. “Seerene’s mission is to turn CIOs into everyday superheroes in the board room, by helping them find clarity where there seemingly is none, and know intuitively whether they’re heading in the right direction towards making the most of the digital opportunities available to them.”

“As software started to take over companies and industries, we realized early on that this enormously complex opportunity needed a solution to match,” said Marc Hildebrandt, Founder, Chairman of Seerene and CEO of German Deep Tech, “I’m proud to see Seerene embraced by global companies charting the digital course of their industries.”

About Seerene

Seerene is a SaaS analytics platform that sets a new standard for the way CIOs manage their most important production factors – code and people


Source: Seerene Press Release

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