Online Flower Delivery Service Bloomon raises $23m in Series B financing

Innovative Dutch start-up bloomon announces today it has successfully raised $23 million (€21.4 million) in Series B financing, bringing the total investment to $27.4 million (€25.5 million) in two years. The financing was led by Benelux venture capital firm Fortino Capital; INKEF Capital, Partech Ventures, and bloomon’s angel investors also participated in the round.

Strategically positioned in the Netherlands, the heart of the world’s largest flower export industry, online flower delivery service bloomon launched in Amsterdam in November 2014. Disrupting the traditional grower-auction-wholesaler-store supply chain, they deliver fresh flowers directly from the grower to the customer, cutting out the middleman. Their innovative approach – 80% shorter supply chain than that of the traditional florist – ensures exceptionally fresh, long-lasting flowers of outstanding quality.

“bloomon is the first company to build an international consumer brand in the flower market, with a clear signature style. The quality of the flowers, thanks to their unique direct sourcing from more than 400 growers, responds to international customer needs. The digitally native brand, with deep vertical integration and a strong focus on the tech platform, is taking flower delivery to the next level. With a founder team that has serious ambitions to go global and a company culture where diversity is highly valued, it’s a perfect match for Fortino Capital,” said Duco Sickinghe, founder of Fortino Capital.

A leading player in its segment, bloomon currently operates in 5 countries in Europe: the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, and the UK. The European flower retail market is worth $26.9bn (€25bn), while the global market is worth $53.7bn (€50bn).

“With our latest round of financing, we plan to invest in growth in countries we’re currently active in as well as our high-tech IT platform. Then we are keen to expand into new markets. We’re growing fast and thinking global,” said Patrick Hurenkamp, founder of bloomon.

About Bloomon

Your flowers come directly from our growers. That means that once your flowers are picked they don’t hang around in the cold morning air on the back of a lorry – or are crammed into a box, waiting for hours to be auctioned. bloomon delivers the sleepy little darlings straight from their bed to your table! By cutting out all the steps in between – auctions, wholesalers, stores – we create days of extra freshness. We also visit our growers in person to ensure top-notch quality and discuss when is the best times to put their seasonal flowers in your bouquet – and the optimum time to pick them.


Source: Fortino Capital press release

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