No. 1 e-commerce cloud solutions in Europe Oxatis net €5 million in fundraising

French company, Oxatis offers SMEs a comprehensive e-commerce solution. The only European company that relies on technology actually Cloud (base single data centralized accommodation, full sharing features) Oxatis is enjoying its customers and partners the advantages of architecture is fast becoming its simplicity of deployment, its ongoing evolution and technical performance.

Oxatis and provides customers a powerful e-commerce solution with Regular news, a key success factor in an increasingly competitive environment.

Three strategic axes will support the development of Actinic over the next 4 years:

  • Research & Development
  • commercial dynamics and strengthening partnerships with publishers, management software and banking
  • Development within Europe

About Oxatis

Founded in 2001, Actinic offers a complete and powerful e-commerce solution for small and SMEs. With more than 10,000 e-merchants (France, England, Spain, Italy) distributed 21 industries and a revenue growth of over 30% per year, if Oxatis positioned as the leading European e-commerce solutions in SaaS mode. By its technology, Oxatis brings unique advantages: rich functionality, reliability, startup rapid, continuous evolution and continuing to integrate the latest ecommerce. Actinic was selected by Sage (over two million corporate clients in France, Spain
and England) by Team System (leader with 60% of business software in Italy) and by Crédit Agricultural, to become their exclusive e-Commerce solution. Oxatis is also labeled “Google SMB Premier Partner “by achieving outstanding performance of online advertisements its e-merchant customers. Oxatis growth based on the quality of its solution and its Permanent innovations incorporated as they become available. It is also based on decision growing awareness of the benefits of the SaaS model which represents 25% in the US against only 10% in Europe. Thus, according to the KPMG study Oxatis, e-Commerce websites Oxatis are significantly more profitable than the average (75% broke even against Only 45% of French sites – Source: Study Webloyalty / Benchmark). Actinic advantage of support of renowned investors, A + Finance and OMNES Capital accompanying since 2008.

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