Meddex to continue its operations as part of Enovation

Meddex, a healthcare information exchange software vendor, continues its operations as part of Enovation. Following the bankruptcy of Meddex in November, continuing the mission-critical services for healthcare institutions is the top priority at this moment. Enovation, the Dutch healthcare communication software vendor will acquire the Meddex’ operation to guarantee the continuation of services ensuring that clients are able to continue healthcare delivery without disturbances.

Meddex’ solutions play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of a large amount of Dutch healthcare institutions. This created the necessity to continue the services Meddex’ provides to its clients. Curator Hans Hendriks (KBS advocaten NV) indicates that the healthcare institutions involved provided inventory credit to enable him to look for suitable acquisition candidates. The 35-year experience Enovation has in providing healthcare communication solutions makes the company the ideal candidate for continuing Meddex’ operations. The transaction also facilitates the continuity of employment preserving the market- and product specific knowledge currently present at Meddex.

The acquisition strengthens Enovation leading position in the Dutch healthcare communication market. Both companies deliver solutions based on an XDS infrastructure making both product propositions complementary to each other. This creates an opportunity to improve client service by giving them the option to benefit from a broader XDS product proposition. The exclusive focus of both, Enovation and Meddex, on delivering healthcare communication solutions enable clients to procure communication software independent of IT system vendors. Enovation, backed by Main Capital Partners, envisions to further grow towards a leading SaaS player in the North-West European Healthcare market by leveraging organic growth and following a selective buy-and-build strategy.

Jeroen van Rijswijk (CEO Enovation): “We strongly realize the importance of Meddex’ operations for the execution of primary processes within many healthcare institutions. This includes patient referrals, cooperation and communication within organizations and between multiple stakeholders in healthcare provision. Our top priority is to ensure the continuation of Meddex’ operations.”

Charly Zwemstra (Chairman of the Board Enovation and Managing Partner Main Capital Partners): “The Meddex acquisition strengthens Enovation’s position in the Dutch XDS information exchange market. The combination of both companies creates the scale required to deliver the mission-critical services to healthcare institutions.”

Source: Main Capital Partners BV Press Release


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