French start-up Nexdot raises €3.5 million

Nexdot, the only worldwide player producing atomic flats or “nanoplatelets”, is introducing into its corporate capital two new investment funds and one private investor in equal shares: CapDecisif
Management, an independent risk-capital company approved by the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority), EMERTEC Gestion, an independent risk-capital company managing €170 million through Industrial Competitiveness Promotion Funds (FPCI) raised from large institutional investors and industrial firms, and ‘QI’ Quantum Invest, an investment company dedicated to quantum
technologies and recently established by Christophe Bellat. Another private investor, François-Xavier Anscutter, has also taken part in the fundraising.

Nanoplatelets offer unequalled optoelectronic properties which are of great interest particularly in the area of screens (TV, computer, smartphone), but also for lighting, medical diagnosis and infrared detection.

Totaling €3.5 million, this fundraising will permit Nexdot to acquire additional capacity to launch nanoplatelet production with a view to making its first sales in 2018. A few weeks ago Nexdot also moved into its new quarters in the Biocitech science park in Romainville.


Nexdot is now taking wing, and with its move to Biocitech (Romainville, 93) has 200 m2 of laboratories. This site brings together researchers and scientists specializing in the development of innovative technologies.

Nexdot’s principal target market is in the field of screens (TV, computer, smartphone). Nexdot has unique know-how in the world of colloidal core/shell nanoplatelet synthesis. “We are a bit like the jewelers of semiconductors,” explains Benoît Dubertret, Nexdot’s founder. It has filed 46 patents throughout the world to protect both materials and applications, so that it is in a position to offer its future industrial partners triedand-tested solutions ready for application.

Quantum dots make it possible to obtain in emission very pure reds and greens from a blue LED, and offer the end customer a much richer range of colors than in traditional LCD screens. However, the current competing quantum dots suffer from limitations associated with their spherical form and from the fact that their size cannot be controlled with very much precision. In contrast, the nanoplatelets developed and optimized by Nexdot over the last five years have a flat shape that is controlled in thickness at the atomic level, which makes it possible to obtain an unequalled level of color purity and therefore to offer a colorimetric richness that is exceptional and above all less expensive. “Quantum mechanics is the reality of the 21st century. That is where the second quantum revolution is and that is why I decided to create a specialized company for investment in cutting-edge technologies and why my initial support will be for Nexdot,” states Christophe Bellat, the founder of Quantum Invest.

However, the potential of Nexdot nanoplatelets is not limited to displays. It is also one of the reasons that impelled the CapDecisif Management investment fund to make this investment: “This crosscutting technology permits multiple applications. Apart from screens, there are also opportunities in the health area with the use of nanoplatelets as in vitro diagnostic markers, and in the fields of augmented reality and LED lighting,” Olivier Dubuisson, Managing Director of CapDecisif Management points out.

Another strong point of nanoplatelets is to facilitate the manufacture of more energy-efficient products. For example, QD (quantum dot) televisions allow electricity savings of 20% compared to traditional technologies. “The breakthrough technology developed by Nexdot offers interesting development prospects thanks to innovative materials, in terms both of their optical and energy properties and of the markets they could serve. Nexdot is the future of the future. They are already developing the next generation of quantum dots!” states Olivier Bordelanne, Director of Investment of Emertec Gestion. Thus, this €3.5 million fundraising should permit the company to invest in equipment and double its workforce. “Our aim is to begin selling our materials two years from now. This requires the purchase of five reactors, two of them for the production of quantum dots,” according to Philippe Gounine, CEO.

About Nexdot

The French start-up Nexdot first came into being in 2010 in the prestigious Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la ville de Paris (ESPCI), where it was then incubated. For six years it has been developing materials, technologies and patents in an environment that is now the global benchmark in this field. In 2014 Nexdot won the “Concours Mondial de l’Innovation”. Nexdot produces nanoplatelets, a new generation of quantum dots (quantum-confinement semiconductor nanocrystals less than 10 nanometers in size), which have the specific property of having a thickness controlled with atomic precision.


Source: Nexdot Press Release

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