French Meal-kit Delivery Leader Quitoque Raises €4M

Quitoque, France’s leader in meal-kit delivery has completed a €4 million ($4.3 million) round from leading funds 360 Capital, ISAI, NCI. Following in the footsteps of Germany’s HelloFresh or America’s Blue Apron, this fast-growing company has already transformed the routines of grocery shopping and home cooking for tens of thousands of families. The success story of this French start-up proves that a growing number of consumers find themselves caught between the desire to eat healthier and the lack of time to make it happen.

Quitoque is a revolutionary, hassle-free solution for anyone who wants to cook and eat healthy meals all week long. Subscribers receive a weekly box containing all necessary ingredients for cooking up to five meals in under 30-minutes. The recipes created by Chef Celine are tasty, simple, original and wellbalanced. Quitoque ensures a varied and balanced diet, by picking only fresh and seasonal products from organic or sustainable farming. “Choosing Quitoque for your meals means consuming wisely, without wasting. It is a real alternative to daily shopping” explains Céline Nguyen, co-founder and Quitoque Chef.

Céline Nguyen, Etienne Boix and Grégoire Roty, three young and ambitious French entrepreneurs, realized that most French people felt confused and uninspired when shopping for food in supermarkets and ended up with the wrong products on their plates. Quitoque started offering its weekly meal-kits in September 2014, and has witnessed an exponential growth ever since. The firm now delivers 100,000 meal-kits per week, an impressive 10 times January 2016 figures. The company has also grown from merely 3 employees to 50 over the past 18 months. Earlier this year Quitoque launched its first TV advertisement to broaden its brand awareness. “Our success is built on flawless transparency and perfect quality of service, which are an integral part of our value-add and growth-strength”, explains Grégoire Roty, co-founder and Marketing Director.

Available across all of France, Quitoque positions itself as a new player in mass food distribution, and is now equipped with the adequate resources to match its ultimate ambition: to replace daily shopping for millions of families! The firm will invest the €4 million to drive its subscription growth and brand reputation. “We will continue improving our highly innovative technology and logistics. This will sustain our strong anticipated growth and allow us to build a reliable and cost-effective supply chain. “We have reinvented the mass food distribution supply chain”, says Etienne Boix, co-founder and Operations Director. Moreover, the service will be further enhanced to match our evolving client needs offering an increasing selection of products in an efficient and scalable way.

Following the first-round funding of €1,5 million in early 2016, these 4€ million are adequately planned to sustain Quitoque objectives as it enters its next chapter. “Quitoque’s model is extremely successful. Quitoque subscribers enjoy discovering a variety of healthy recipes, while eating quality products delivered at home for the best possible price. We are thrilled to support the spread of this new food consumption trend”, explains Jean-David Chamboredon, CEO of ISAI.


About Quitoque:

Quitoque is the French leader for meal-kit delivery. The three start-up co-founders are committed to enabling French families to eat good food easily every day. Every week, Quitoque subscribers receive a box containing all the ingredients necessary to cook up to 5 meals. The products are carefully selected for their freshness and quality. The recipes are created by the Chef Céline Nguyen to be easy, original and well-balanced. The delivery is cost-free and available everywhere in France. Quitoque is growing fast and aims at replacing daily shopping.


Source: Quitoque press release

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