EnerBee, the developer of a micro generator to replace connected-object batteries, raises €2.5M

EnerBee, the French startup that has invented and developed an unparalleled-worldwide micro generator to replace connected-object batteries, has completed its Series A funding round, raising €2.5 million with Robolution Capital and Emertec (€1.6 million in equity), and including BNP and Crédit Agricole Sud Rhône-Alpes (additional €900,000 in bank financing). This backing secures the next steps in EnerBee’s development, in particular bolstering its R&D and establishing its production capacity.

EnerBee was founded in Grenoble (France) in 2014. It has developed a ground-breaking micro generator – the world’s only device that can efficiently harvest energy from an object in motion (fast or slow, regular or irregular) to power that object. EnerBee intends to leverage this technology to become the pacesetter for autonomous connected-object power supplies.

Connected objects are about to revolutionize our daily lives and habits. Connected bracelets, intelligent wristwatches, smart buildings, and the “Internet of Things” with its applications in industry, logistics and services, are only a few examples. They are moving fast, but their power supplies are still slowing them down: today, they use batteries, which need to be replaced or recharged on a regular basis, or require costly connections to electricity grids. Today, over 30 billion coin cell batteries are sold worldwide each year , entailing substantial environmental impacts and recycling-related problems.

A French technology gem

EnerBee’s breakthrough technology is opening the door to fully autonomous power supplies for connected objects. The company’s micro generator combines magnetic and piezoelectric materials to generate ample amounts of electricity from motion, no matter how fast or slow, regular or irregular.

This unrivalled combination of materials has generated a number of patents, and led to EnerBee’s inception a year ago.

EnerBee’s micro generator is packed with several years of research led by its founder Jérôme Delamare, and five patents developed with four institutes in the Grenoble area, namely G2Elab (INP Grenoble), CEA/Leti, CNRS and Université Joseph Fourier.

In 2014, EnerBee won two prominent awards: the Worldwide Innovation Challenge, presented by TheFrench President and Ministry of Industry, and The iLab contest, presented by The French Ministry of Research.

EnerBee now has its first series of and is working on the next generation of its miniaturized generator. EnerBee will manufacture its miniature power generators in France, on its own production line, which should be up and running near Grenoble by the end of 2016. EnerBee is working closely with several manufacturers of connected objects and products for test phases. EnerBee’s generators are expected to be implemented into consumer goods by the end of 2016.

Cutting-edge technology on a booming market

One in four French people already use connected objects, and most of them are doing so to make their daily lives easier. This market, however, will only unleash its full potential when connected objects have entirely autonomous – and not merely more autonomous – power supplies. In the coming years, billions of connected objects will need to be self-reliant, i.e. no longer depend on batteries or periodic recharging.

EnerBee Chairman and Cofounder Pierre Coulombeau commented on the funding campaign, “We are happy and proud to step up EnerBee’s growth potential with two investment trendsetters – Robolution Capital and Emertec – who believe in the quality and value of our technology, and in its market potential harnessing the “Internet of Things”. Teaming up with them is a milestone for our company now that we are ramping up to launch our first micro generators made in Rhône-Alpes, France.”

Robolution Capital partner Renaud Champion adds, “We’re proud to join forces with a team of experienced entrepreneurs and researchers from top-tier French laboratories. Their enterprising alliance will take their work up to the industrial stage with a choice of solutions targeting demand in the service robotics market in general and connected objects in particular.”

“The power micro generator sector is crawling with initiatives but EnerBee’s technology is clearly in a class by itself. And its pragmatic approach to its target markets has enabled the company to build a very consistent product range. This funding will put the company in a position to finalise its product development phase, to meet its partner customers’ requirements, start powering the first autonomous systems and start making its first recurring sales,” Emertec Investment Director Jean Philippe Gendre rounds up.

About EnerBee:

Founded in Grenoble (France) in March 2014 by Jérôme Delamare and Pierre Coulombeau, EnerBee is an industrial startup
developing motion-based energy-harvesting solutions to replace batteries in industrial and consumer connected objects.
This company is leveraging breakthroughs by researchers from Grenoble INP, CNRS, UJF and CEA Leti. It holds five patents
for ground-breaking technology and its team is pooling cutting-edge expertise in micro technologies, power electronics,
innovation industrialisation, and business incorporation and funding. It is targeting an enormous market encompassing
several billion internet-connected or wireless-communicating objects – wristwatches, handheld medical or sports devices,
smart homes and buildings, RFID tags, automobile sensors, industrial systems and more – where demand for autonomous
power supplies is soaring, and an economical and environmental revolution is starting.

Source: Press Release

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