BAVARIA Industries Group

Logo-BavariaBAVARIA Industries Group AG is an industrial holding company specialising in the takeover and re-organisation of earnings-poor and/or unprofitable enterprises. In the process, we pursue three key objectives: cutting costs, developing new sources of turnover revenue, and preserving as many jobs as possible. We believe that properly motivating a distressed company’s workforce is the best way to boost its innovation potential and eliminate all forms of unnecessary wastage – e.g. product rejects or excess idle time in the production cycle. Thus, we impress on all stakeholders that ensuring the takeover company’s long-term profitability is the only way to safeguard future job security.


BAVARIA Industries Group AG acquires companies with clear improvement potential and then works to boost their earnings by means of active management. Even before a transaction is completed, a best-practices team is set up to devise a concrete action plan. This is then implemented in collaboration with the investee company`s management. Moreover, management participates in the success through a profit-sharing scheme, thus reinforcing the role of the senior executives as “entrepreneurs”. The best-practices team supports management on site and assists in the rapid implementation of the restructuring plan.

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