Acton Capital Partners

480Launched in April 2008, Acton Capital Partners is an independent, partner-led specialist investor in internet- and mobile-based, consumer-oriented businesses.
Main Office: Munich (Germany)


Acton manages 2 funds:
– the Heureka Growth Fund, established in 2008, targets later stage companies with an established track record of revenue and profitability. The ideal investment candidates are European technology-enabled companies striving to take their growth opportunities to the next level.
– the BDV Fund, with Hubert Burda Media being the sole investor. The BDV Fund has 13 companies in its portfolio, after seeing a number of successful exits via a variety of routes including IPOs and trade sales. Since its inception, the BDV Fund has focussed on internet-enabled companies from early to late stage situations, with Acton Capital Partners assuring continuity for the portfolio companies and their outstanding entrepreneurs.

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