Dalia Raises $7m in Series A Funding

Dalia – the company that generates real-time market and opinion data from a global network of smartphone users – today announces that it has raised $7m in a Series A round led by Balderton Capital, with participation from existing investors Wellington Partners and IBB-Bet.

 Harnessing the app economy and machine learning, the Berlin-headquartered startup is building a global insights and information engine that distributes millions of micro surveys to gather and analyze real time data on consumer attitudes, public opinion and market trends. Since launching in 2013, Dalia has generated over a billion answers from people spread across 96 different countries on topics ranging from brand perception to macroeconomic sentiment.
As the $68bn global market and opinion research industry faces increased pressure to improve the quality of data-collection, the explosive growth in smartphone ownership worldwide provides fresh channels to reach audiences for high-quality insights. Dalia combines advanced data science and analytics with real-time targeting and attribution technologies to generate insights from global audiences at  unprecedented scale, quality and speed.
From fine-grain to mass scale.
“From fine-grain, industry-specific data on, for example, yoghurt consumption in Mexico to large scale data-sets that can be used as ‘early-warning systems’ for housing bubbles or political instability, we equip our partners with the ability to understand the global trends and behaviors that shape the world around them,” says CEO Nico Jaspers. “Through our technology, we have the potential to reach over one billion people and give a voice to public opinion and consumer attitudes on a truly global scale.”
The company’s customers include some of the world’s leading research agencies and organizations, including Nielsen, Ipsos and Kantar/WPP, as well as world-renowned universities, think tanks and NGOs, such as UNICEF, Stanford University, the Bertelsmann Foundation and the European Council on Foreign Relations.
Dalia plans to use the funding to invest heavily in data science, engineering and machine learning to further expand its real time analytics and attribution capacities. It is actively recruiting engineers, data scientists, as well as product and marketing specialists.
“Dalia has developed very rapidly and 2016 was our second consecutive year of revenue growth in excess of 500%,” says Nico Jaspers. “With Balderton Capital partnering with us, we are now extremely well-placed for the next phase of our growth.”
Balderton Capital’s Suranga Chandratillake adds: “Dalia’s unique ability to gather and sift insights, and to determine what people are thinking right across the world at any given moment, offers businesses and organizations huge competitive advantage, enabling them to act ahead of the curve rather than respond to events. We are delighted to be working alongside Nico and the team, as they help clients unlock value from data that would otherwise be out of reach.”
About Dalia

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Berlin, Dalia is a fast-growing technology startup focused on giving research agencies, brands, consultancies, academia, public institutions and other organisations access to high-quality market and opinion data at a global scale. Harnessing the app economy and combining advanced data science with real-time targeting and attribution technologies, Dalia’s insights engine distributes millions of micro surveys worldwide to gather and analyze real time data on consumer attitudes, public opinion and market trends.

Backed by some of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, including Balderton Capital, Wellington Partners, IBB-Bet and WestTech Ventures, Dalia is the the proud winner of several industry, technology and data awards, including the 2015 IIeX Competition for the “most innovative startup in Europe” in the market research and consumer insights space. Since launching, Dalia has generated over a billion answers from people spread across 96 countries. The resulting data is cited in over 2,000 news articles globally, including in leading news journals such as The Economist, Le Monde, The Guardian, South China Morning Post, El Pais, Corriere della Serra, Vice Magazine, Politico, The Washington Post, and Der Spiegel.

Source: IBB Press Release

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