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Imperial Innovations

Enterprise Therapeutics closes £4m funding round secures £2.8 million funding round from Draper Esprit and Imperial Innovations

Emerson Electric by Permasense Ltd from Imperial Innovations for £30.6million

Precision Ocular, Oxford-based retinal therapeutics company Precision Ocular nets £15.5M, backers include Imperial and V‑Bio

British medical technology comopany Abingdon Health nets £3M from Imperial Innovations

UK-based biotech company Storm Therapeutics raises £12M from Imperial, Cambridge Innovation etc.

Cambridge-based Silicon MicroGravity secures $3M from Imperial, Cambridge Enterprise et al.

Precision Ocular, London-based retinal therapeutics company, scores £13.5M from Imperial Innovations

UK-based specialist chemical company, Aqdot, nets £5M led by Imperial Innovations

Cambridge-based drug discovery and development company, MISSION Therapeutics, raises £60M