BCM AG Acquires The Palas GmbH manufacturer of high-precision devices

As part of a succession plan, BCM has a majority stake in the Palas GmbH. The co-founder and majority shareholder Leander Mölter leaves the company. Dr. Maximilian Weiß, longtime managing director, development and production manager and minority shareholder, will continue to play a significant role in the company and will continue to lead the company as CEO .

With its unique optical measurement technology and more than 20 active patents, Palas is the global technology leader for high-precision airborne particle measurement devices. The product range includes certified particulate matter and nanoparticle measuring devices, aerosol spectrometers and generators as well as associated systems and software solutions. With around 270 customers from over 60 countries – including BASF , Siemens, BMWand Bayer – Palas products are used in particular in the public sector, the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology, the industrial sector, the automotive industry as well as in laboratories and clean rooms. The market for particulate measurement technology is experiencing high growth rates due to increasing global awareness of the health risks of air pollution and the resulting increase in regulation.

“Successful succession planning offers ideal conditions for continuing our extraordinary growth story,” explains Palas founder and outgoing shareholder Leander Mölter. “When selecting the new majority shareholder, it was crucial to us that BCM is not only well-acquainted with the needs of fast-growing, mid-tier technology leaders and can support us with a broad network of industry experts, but also sets a long-term partnership as a technology holding company, rather than conventional financial investors are not subject to a given investment horizon, “Mölter continues.

The global market for particulate measurement technology is rapidly expanding, not least because of growing awareness of the health risks posed by air pollution and the resulting stricter regulation,” explains Drs. Maximilian Weiß, CEO of Palas, under whose leadership the current core product Fidas for fine dust measurement was developed and introduced. “The unique technology expertise and excellent network of our new majority shareholder BCM gives us the opportunity to drive our successful expansion, particularly by opening up new international markets and additional application areas,” continues Weiss.

As an experienced technology investor, who has helped companies such as Wirecard and 360T in their track record, we are convinced that Palas is a world-class technology leader,” said Marco Brockhaus, CEO of BCM . “The company has unique optical particle measurement technology worldwide and is well positioned in a niche whose impressive growth is driven by global megatrends. Thus, Palas not only stands for exceptional dynamics combined with high profitability, but also for the best growth prospects in the long term. Joining Palas is an important milestone in building our BCM portfolio and preparing for our planned IPO, “adds Brockhaus.

Source: BCM AG Press Release

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