French predictive marketing startup, AntVoice, raises €1.3M led by CapHorn and Adeo

Avolta Partners, one of the most active M&A boutique in Europe in the Tech Industry has announced the closing of a €1.3m financing forAntVoice, a French start-up specialised in predictive marketing. This funding round was led by CapHorn Invest and Adeo (Leroy Merlin).

AntVoice raised €1.3m for its technology based on a predictive multi-object graph, unique in Europe.

With its innovative approach to graph multi-object and its great number of references, AntVoice has convinced its historical investors (Alven Capital and Nestadio) and two new partners, the fund CapHorn Invest and the retail company Adeo, to invest €1.3m in the company.

AntVoice’s ambition is to become the European leader in predictive multi-object recommendations within 3 years.

“We are delighted to welcome two new investors as prestigious as CapHorn Invest and Adeo for this operation. We were looking for real teammates to enable us to rapidly accelerate our business development in Europe, it’s done!” says Alban Peltier, CEO of AntVoice.

“We were attracted by AntVoice’s team as well as the company’s growth potential. We believe that the power of CapHorn network will help the company grow rapidly in France and internationally” adds Laurent Dumas-Crouzillac, Partner at CapHorn Invest.

“We are delighted to support a talented, expert and very innovative team. Solutions provided by AntVoice allow us to serve our customers in more personalised way and there is more to do together!”, concludes Xavier Defretin, Deputy Chairman of Activities Deco Adeo Group, responsible for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group.


AntVoice offers artificial intelligence predictive recommendation since 2014. More than 18 months of R&D have been required to develop an innovative technology based on a multi-object graph such as Facebook’s social graph. This technology can create comprehensive profiles of individual users (vs. the segmentation approach) for any type of activity, whether for brands, merchants or e-media.

AntVoice offers every month to more than 40 million Internet users, in 25 countries, fine recommendations of any kind (contents, products, brands, ads, etc.) on all channels (websites, sites and mobile apps, emails).

With a unique multi-object approach in Europe, combined based on a powerful machine learning system AntVoice has convinced many partners to use its solution to enhance the user experience as can Amazon, Netflix or Facebook, and boost their KPIs.

Thus, in just 2 years, AntVoice collaborates with both media companies (Figaro Group, Prisma Digital, Mondadori, Télérama, etc.) and major e-merchants (La Redoute, Delamaison, Mister-Auto, etc.) or classified players  (explorimmo, Le Figaro Realty, etc.).

This technology and company have been repeatedly rewarded: in the most promising startups according EBG in 2015; winner of the E-commerce CRM Award last September at the show E-Commerce Paris; finalist in the “Global Innovation” of the IE Club last few weeks.


CapHorn Invest is an independent investment fund whose investors – more than 150 business leaders and members of industrial families – are actively involved. CapHorn Invest has just announced a new fund of €100m.

Adeo is the retail leader in the world of home improvement and decoration, both in digital & instore, with brands as Leroy Merlin, Weldom, Zodio, Delamaison, Lightonline, etc. More than 89 000 employees in 12 countries support and advise 300m clients to the right choice for their projects and needs.

This round brings to €2.8m the total funds recently raised by AntVoice.

These new funds will allow AntVoice accelerate the launch of its new advertising recommendation and international development, which plans to recruit a dozen senior profiles as data scientists in the next 12 months.

 Source: Avolta Partners Press Release
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