Sentica Partners acquires majority stake in Finnish business outsourcing company, Trust Kapital Group

A fund managed by the Finnish private equity investor Sentica Partners has acquired a majority stake in Trust  Kapital  Group.  Trust  Kapital’s  founders,  Petri  Tukiainen  and  Tuomo  Rissanen,  remain  with  the company as significant owners also after the transaction.

Trust Kapital’s shareholder base widens as a fund managed by Sentica Partners Oy acquires a majority stake in the Group. Petri Tukiainen continues as Trust Kapital’s Chief Executive Officer and will, similar to co-founder Tuomo Rissanen, remain as a significant minority owner of the company.

Trust Kapital offers business process outsourcing with emphasis on invoicing and credit management services. The company provides its services through its proprietary software solutions, and its service offering has expanded to also cover accounts receivable financing for small and medium-sized enterprises. Trust Kapital has grown fast and established itself as a market challenger and a technological pioneer. The company employs approximately 90 professionals, and its revenue for the ongoing financial year will exceed 10 million euros.

”We have created a unique service and technology concept that has enabled the company to grow rapidly. Today, we are competing for the same customers as the industry’s largest players, and we have gained considerable traction in the large-company client segment. Widening our shareholder base is the logical next step to strengthen the company’s growth prospects even further.”, says Trust Kapital’s CEO Petri Tukiainen.

“Sentica’s domestic corporate structures and the shared vision of Trust Kapital’s future development facilitated the negotiations. Accordingly, Trust Kapital will continue to follow its principles of uncompromising expertise as well as domestic and responsible corporate values. Most of all, the company’s success is built upon its committed, professional and satisfied personnel.”, Tukiainen continues.

Sentica has facilitated the growth of numerous successful Finnish companies such as Kotipizza and the healthcare services company Pihlajalinna. Sentica currently has 16 portfolio companies. “Trust Kapital’s professional and committed personnel as well as the company’s first-class service and technology concept provide an excellent foundation for scaling and strengthening the business further on. Going forward, the emphasis will be on Trust Kapital’s existing core business and also especially on developing accounts receivable financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.”, states Sentica’s Partner Pentti Tuunala.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the transaction value.


Trust Kapital Group TKG Oy

Trust Kapital is a Finnish company that offers services for outsourcing finance -related business process. Tru st Kapital’s  client base com -prises close to 20  000  Finnish  businesses,   and  the  company  employs  approximately  90  professionals.   In  recent  years,  Tru st  Kapital  has  grown  at  a  rate  of approximately 40 percent,  and the company’s  revenue  fo r the previous  financial  year amounted  to approximately 8 million euros. By the year 2020 Trust Kapital aims to be a significant services company and the market leader in Finland.

Sentica Partners Oy

Sentica  is an independent  private  equity company  focusing  on acquiring  and developing  Finnish  mid-sized  and small  companies.  The funds under Sentica’s management  amount to some EUR 300 million with fund in vestors consisting  of Finnish institutional  investors and hig h quality  European fund of funds.


Source: Sentica Partners Press Release

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